Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a Product or a Service on our 555 Shopper website is very easy! 
You can browse from the main page, however, the main page only can display limited items. Our recommendation is that you click or tap on the "Shop" menu point at top of the page, and you can see all the products listed. You also can choose a specific category if you know what you are searching for. There is a search bar at the top of the pages, where you can type in a product name or part of a product name, you can choose the category if you know, then you will get the closest product listed according to your search term. You also can sort the results if too many comes up for the search term you have used. If you found the product you want, just click/tap the "Add to cart" button. 
We suggest, to keep searching and adding the products to your cart that you like! You always can remove any from your cart when you are viewing it. 

Once, you have added all  the Products or Services you like to purchase, you can view the Shopping Cart, prices, shipping, etc. You can click or tap on the "X" in the Circle on the left hand side to remove any items from your cart! The 555 Shopper platform will adjust the total price and shipping charges automatically.

Once you are happy with the content of your Cart, you can click or tap on the "Checkout" button that will take you to the payment page. If the payment is not going to be processed for some reason, your order will remain in the Cart for a week, or until the payment will go through. After a week, the order will be removed permanently. If you come back to the 555 Shopper web site again within the week, our system will remember what you have placed in the Cart and you can continue shopping, or delete from it, or add new ones.

If the payment processing has been done and you still want to cancel your order, you need to contact us on the email address, and we are happy to cancel your order and return the payment for it. Obviously, you cannot cancel your order after you receiving it.

You are allowed to open an account with us in 2 different methods: 

1: You can click or tap on the "Man Silhouette" Icon on the right top corner, next to the "Shopping Cart Icon and fill out your details, or,

2: You can create your account from the Checkout page from the Shopping Cart.

If a product has become faulty, or is no longer of acceptable quality as outlined in the Australian Consumer Law, please contact 555 Systems Pty Ltd via the 555 Shopper, Contact Us page or send an email to email address. You will need to provide proof of purchase in the form of an order reference, a copy of your invoice, or by contacting us using the email address that was used to complete the order. 555 Systems Pty Ltd may request further evidence of the reported fault in the form of photos or video and may provide some simple troubleshooting steps prior to proceeding with a claim. This information is important in order to confirm that the item is faulty and that this was not the result of misuse or accidental damage. 555 Systems Pty Ltd reserves the right to have returned goods assessed at a nominated repair centre within a reasonable timeframe to determine the nature of any issues and whether or not the goods are faulty or otherwise not as described.

You are required to return any accessories that were originally provided along with the product. This can include power adapters, charging adapters and cables. Where possible, we recommend that you retain the original packaging to ensure safe transit of your product to return. Should a replacement or refund be provided, it is a requirement that you have made your best effort to return all included accessories provided with the purchase. Click here for more information on how to return your product, and expected timeframes for the returns process.

We, as the 555 Systems Pty Ltd provide the same warranty as the Product manufacturers provide! They are also obliged to provide Product warranty as it is outlined in the Australian Consumer Law! 

Manufacturer Support –  Consumer Guarantees

In most instances, where you experience an issue with a product that comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, the manufacturer will be able to provide a faster assessment and remedy than us. Many manufacturers will have dedicated support centres with access to more detailed knowledge on their respective products, in addition to better access to spare parts.
You may prefer to contact the manufacturer directly to seek a resolution rather than 555 Systems Pty Ltd.

If you would prefer Us to assist you, and choose not to go to the manufacturer, then our team will of course be happy to assist you.

We have 2 major methods available for payments: 

You can use your credit or debit card via the PayPal website, or just simply use your PayPal account if you have one. 
If you don't have a PayPal account yet, then it will be created automatically for you when you use your cards through the PayPal website. 

We are also accepting some Cryptocurrencies via Coinbase. They are:
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and others, whatever Coinbase is trading with. You can choose from about 60 different Cryptocurrencies at the moment! Naturally, more will come to the table in the near future. 

If you pay with Cryptocurrency at the checkout, the built in system will calculate the current conversion rate.

Currently, we only ship inside of Australia even to most rural areas. International shipping is coming soon!

We use Australian Post and other courier companies to deliver your orders as fast as possible! 

We are also offering free delivery for orders above $100. 

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