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Because we’ve all accustomed ourselves to using plastic straws, we rarely stop to think if they’re part of the wider plastic pollution taking place. How could such a thin, tiny straw cause any harm, right?

Unfortunately, they cause irreparable damage, just as other plastic components do. Because they never decompose to non-toxic compounds, they remain harmful until the very end.

Now what? There’s an alternative, our eco-friendly bamboo straws! Not only are they nature’s best friend, but they’ll also be your loyal companions for years to come!

Bamboo is our saviour in a world dominated by plastic; these eco-friendly trees grow in about 3-4 months, allowing us to make more of our biodegradable straws without hassle! Our bamboo straws’ sizes vary from 6mm to 8mm, with subtle differences among different packs.

Where do you store this abundance of bamboo straws, though? With plastic ones, we just threw them away after one use. Luckily, our bamboo straws come with a carry bag. With every pack of 10, we include a cotton carry pouch and a cleaning brush so you can keep our straws after you’re done with smoothies!

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What Makes Our Bamboo Straws Stand Out

  • Kind to the environment
  • Naturally-grown bamboo
  • Various sizes
  • Biodegradable to avoid plastic pollution
  • 100% non-synthetic
  • Eligible for reuse

What You’ll Get

  • 10x eco-friendly bamboo straws. (180mm in length; 6mm-8mm overall size)
  • Cotton Storage Pouch and Cleaner Brush included for FREE

Keep Them Brand New!

After you’re done with your mind-soothing drink, use the included Cleaner Brush to wash the bamboo straws with soapy water gently, and they’re squeaky-clean once again!

We advise against submerging the straws in water for extended periods since tap water may contain chlorine, which causes the bamboo to look washed out in colour and eventually die if exposed for long.

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